Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

Article 1 Objectives

The Terms and Conditions are designed to specify the conditions and procedure of using the online service (www.kmac.co.kr, hereinafter called as “Service”) related to Korea Management Association Consulting (“KMAC”) business which is provided by KMAC.

Article 2 Definitions

The Terms and Conditions use the following words or terms.

  1. “Service” means all kinds of services provided by the website of KMAC and the websites connected to KMAC.
  2. “Posts and contents” mean the documents, photos, videos, files and links registered or produced in the form of sign, letter, voice, sound, image or video as posted on the services.
  3. “Email members” mean users provided with the knowledge information, list of publications, and education programs provided by KMAC via email through their input of certain personal information after their consent of the KMAC’s personal information handling policy.
  4. “Students/participants” are users participating in the education program, seminar or conference provided by KMAC through the input of their certain personal information after their consent of the KMAC’s personal information handling policy.
Article 3 Period and changes
  1. The Terms and Conditions take effective when their contents are posted on the service screen for easy access to them.
  2. KMAC may revise the terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate the related laws such as ‘Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.” (hereinafter called “Information and Communications Act”) if there happens a critical situation to itself or its business.
  3. If KMAC wants to revise the terms and conditions, it will make public announcement of the application date along with the application date and cause of revision as well as the current terms and conditions from 7 days prior to the application date to the date immediately prior to the application date.
  4. The application of any matters not specified in these terms and conditions may be subject to the related laws and the meaning of the services.
Article 4 Protection and use of personal information
  1. KMAC makes efforts to protect the personal information, including the registered information of the email members and the students and participants. As for the protection and use of personal information, the related laws and KMAC’s personal information handling policy will be applied.
  2. However, KMAC’s personal information handling policy will not be applied to the sites linked on the websites other than the KMAC’s website and its related websites.
  3. KMAC is not liable to users for the personal information disclosed due to their carelessness.
Article 5 Provision and limitation of services
  1. In principle, the services are available for 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year unless they cause any problem to KMAC’s business or technical situation.
  2. KMAC may temporarily suspend the service without prior notice when there are the needs of checking the system for the smooth service, increasing or replacing of equipment, or when common carriers stop the communication services. If KMAC thinks that there is any reason of completely suspending the service such as the replacement of current service with new service, the current services may be completely suspended.
  3. If it is impossible to normally provide the service due to the national emergency, electrical outage, failure of service equipment or explosive increase in the use of services, KMAC may limit or suspend a whole or a part of the services. However, in this case, KMAC will give the prior notice to the users on why it starts and how long it will continue.
  4. KMAC may not give the prior notice to the users on the suspension of the services when the service is suspended due to uncontrollable cause (such as national emergency, disk problems, system shutdown or others which was not caused by any negligence or error of the system administrator, etc), or when the system shutdown is caused by the negligence or error of the common carriers or related other communication companies.
  5. KMAC may divide the services into several time zones and designate each time zone for specific scope of services. In this case, it gives prior notice to the users.
Article 6 Changes in service
  1. KMAC may change the whole or a part of services it provides to the users depending on the significant operational or technical needs.
  2. If there is a change in the contents, use method or available time of services, KMAC posts it as public notice at the website for at least 7 days prior to the changes.
  3. KMAC may correct, suspend or change the whole or a part of the services depending on its policy or operational needs and in which case, unless otherwise specified in the related laws, it does not make any compensation for the users.
Article 7 Provision of information and posting of advertisement
  1. If the users agree to the collection of information or KMAC considers that it is useful in users’ using the service, KMAC may send the information which it provides to users via email, cell phone, SMS or MMS.
  2. KMAC may post the advertisement on the service page on KMAC website and linked websites with respect to the operation of services.
Article 8 KMAC’s duties
  1. KMAC shall keep the service equipment well maintained to provide the services to users in a continuous and stable manner.
  2. KMAC makes efforts for the protection of personal information for the user’s safe use of the service and posts and complies with its personal information handling policy.
  3. If the user’s opinion or complaint is objectively considered to be fair or reasonable, KMAC shall handle it in a proper manner.
Article 9 User’s duties
The user shall not make the following acts in using the services.
  1. The user shall not copy, publish, or use for broadcasting or provide to a third party the information acquired from the service nor use it for the purposes other than specified here without the KMAC’s prior consent.
  2. If a user agrees on the collection of personal information in applying for email member, or education, seminar or conference but makes damages to others by entering the false information, KMAC may ask the user to compensate for the damages according to the proper legal procedure and ask the regulatory organizations to take legal actions against that user.
  3. The terminal which the users install shall satisfy the rule on the technical standard for electric communication equipment and shall not give any problem to the services.
  4. The user shall comply with those specified in the terms and conditions in using the service as well as the service guide and cautions.
Article 10 Copyright
  1. The copyright or other intellectual property rights over the post or work prepared by KMAC shall be the property of KMAC.
  2. The user shall not use the data posted at the services such as the processing or sale of information acquired from the use of services for the commercial purposes without the prior consent of KMAC.
Article 11 Rules other than terms and conditions
Any matters not specified in the terms and conditions shall follow the provisions specified in the related laws if they are specified in the related laws. Otherwise, they shall follow the related laws enacted by the government or the general commercial practices.

Additional provision (Effective date) The terms and conditions take effective on Apr. 14, 2023.