About KMAC

KMAC is committed to providing diagnostic assessment-based
high-quality solutions so that our clients can stand tall as leading admired
companies in their respective industries.


KMAC, with its best talent, creates trust and values for customers.

Who We Are

KMAC is a comprehensive consulting company that provides differentiated knowledge by converging the five areas of diagnostic evaluation, consulting, education, research and media.

In the midst of a huge paradigm shift in the Korean industry, we interpret management from the perspective of change and innovation at each period and send out issues from the perspective of 'First’. We have been leading countries, industries and companies by providing solutions from the ‘Best’ perspective.

KMAC expands and improves its unique differentiation accumulated through years of project experience and converges internal and external capabilities. We continuously expand to new areas of innovation, create added value through databased platforms, experts and networks to strengthen national and industrial competitiveness.

KMAC’s approach to create value provides opportunities for growth to all customers in a rapid changing environment. With the effort of giving the best to our customers, we promise to secure our status as an Innovative Knowledge Platformer representing Asia beyond Korea.

What We Do

We work with clients who are pioneering the future through change and innovation. For the past 33 years, with the experience of serving Korea’s major companies, KMAC has set the direction of growing to become a global company. We are the first consulting firm that provides solutions and creates values for Korean public administration in the middle of governmental innovation, and have been serving that role until now.


33 YearsWhat We Believe

Customers with KMAC


Number of projects in progress (cumulative)

25,000Cases(Since 1989)

What We Believe (Our belief)

We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it. KMAC has been with the history of Korean industry and national innovation with the belief that Korea can stand tall as an advanced powerhouse and that Korean companies can leap forward as world-class companies.
All members of KMAC are creating customer value with One Team Spirit so that our customers can focus on the right choice and action in a rapidly changing environment.