About KMAC

KMAC is committed to providing diagnostic assessment-based
high-quality solutions so that our clients can stand tall as leading admired
companies in their respective industries.

CEO Message

KMAC, a reliable partner of Korean industry, takes a new leap forward.

Innovative Knowledge Platformer that provides unique value at the center of change

Founded purely on the initiative of the private sector in 1989, KMAC interprets management from the perspective of change and innovation in each period, and through this, all KMAC people have united with a sense of mission to present the direction that companies, industries, and countries should go.

As a result, over the past 30 years, Korea's industrial competitiveness has reached a remarkable level, and it has been creating values for public administration as well as suggesting the direction of national management. Even at this moment, all executives and staff members of KMAC are making every effort to provide differentiated value of knowledge to our customers.

KMAC is taking a new leap forward as an "Innovative Knowledge Platformer". Our vision is to become a global consulting company representing Asia beyond Korea by positioning ourselves as a "Paradigm Shifter" that leads the management paradigm, a "Knowledge Platform" that provides differentiated platform-based solutions, and a "Prestige Consultancy Service Provider" that gives unique approaches and values.

The current business environment has changed significantly and become more uncertain. In this situation, KMAC will take the lead and become the most reliable partner by creating the best value through KMAC's core values of Novelty, Excellence, and Synergy to provide optimal solutions for our customers.

President and CEO of Korea Management Association Consultants Inc. Han Soo-Hee