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KMAC is committed to providing diagnostic assessment-based
high-quality solutions so that our clients can stand tall as leading admired
companies in their respective industries.

Learning &

Direction of KMAC corporate education

The job training pursued by KMAC provides differentiated job training programs based on the job skills required by the company's value chain and capability organization.
It aims to foster problem-solving job experts through various types of education such as open education, in-house education, global education, and government support education.


Differentiated job training based on innovative technology (Job Specialized Training Institution)

Problem solving
Fostering job

Value Chain

Training type
  • Global training

  • Training consulting

  • Open training

  • In-house training

Job field

  • Management planning

    Business / Sales

    Energy / Environment

  • Business support

    CS (Customer Satisfaction)

    Public sector / Environment

  • HR management

    Contact (call) center

    4th industrial revolution

  • Marketing

    Manufacturing / Purchasing materials / R&D

    Specialized course

Domestic training

  • Open job training

    Management planning, management support, human resource management, marketing, sales/sales, CS (customer satisfaction), contact (call) center, manufacturing/purchasing materials/R&D, public education, etc. in 10 job areas

  • In-house job training

    Job-specific training and job-specialized training to strengthen corporate job innovation capabilities

    Customized in-house training

  • Educational consulting

    Education consulting by university department

    Establishment of education system and consulting on course development

    Consulting on the establishment and operation of talent centers

Global training

  • Open Global Job Training

    Participation in global conferences such as SHRM and Smart Factory and benchmarking of best practices

    Management innovation, manufacturing innovation, customer-oriented management, etc. open programs by innovation theme

  • In-house global job training

    Job training such as marketing, sales, CS, organizational culture, etc.

    Global job training in connection with overseas institutions such as universities

    Root technology B/M, etc. technical training

  • Domestic benchmarking and
    job training for overseas companies

    Job training by inviting overseas companies

    Invited job training for international development cooperation projects


    Dissemination of innovative technologies necessary for the company's job to the industry through open training


    Provision of customized solutions for each company/industry through in-house training


    Provision of differentiated education turn-sulting from other companies by applying consulting solutions to training


    Dissemination of advanced innovative technologies and best practices through training


KMAC annually hosts the largest integrated conference in Korea where industry, academia, and research institutes participate under the theme of respected companies and customer-oriented management innovation.
We are leading the industry through various conferences and seminars.

  • Korea’s Public Sector Conference

    • Seek government policy directions and public sector innovation plans
    • More than 1,000 policy experts, heads of public institutions and executives and employees participated to provide insights on the future direction of public institutions.
  • Customer-centered Management
    Innovation Conference

    • Share excellent business cases and insights on customer-oriented management
    • Consist of about 50 sessions, including customer experience, digital innovation, employee experience innovation, and ESG.
    • The largest conference in Korea attended by more than 3,000 business/institution officials
  • Local Government Conference

    • Strengthen local administrative competitiveness and seek innovative measures
    • Provide various insights such as management strategy, performance management, organizational diagnosis, management evaluation, ESG management, and public data