Privacy Statement

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Privacy Statement

Article 1 General provisions
  1. This website puts priority on the protection of your personal information and complies with the personal information protection rules on “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc” and “Personal Information Protection Instruction” established by Ministry of Information and Communication.
  2. This website is designed to inform you of how and for what purpose your personal information is used according to the personal information protection rules and what actions we take to protect the personal information.
  3. This website displays the personal information protection policy on the bottom of the initial screen, thus enabling you to check it out easily at all times.
  4. If there is any revision in the personal information handling policy, we will let you know that through the public notice (or through individual notice) at this website.
Article 2 Consent of collecting personal information

We prepare the process in which you can click either “I agree” or “I do not agree” on our personal information protection policy or the terms and conditions of use on this website. If you click “I agree”, you will be considered to agree on the collection of your personal information.

Article 3 Collection of personal information and its objectives
  1. This website collects the personal information for the purposes below.
    1. Getting the questions on the goods from users and making answering to them
Article 4 Items of personal information to be collected
This website collects the following personal information to get the questions from users.
  1. Items of information for collection: names, emails and contact points
  2. How to collect the personal information: through website (registration of questions)
Article 5 Installation, operation and refusal of automatic personal information collection device
The website does not use the automatic personal information collection device (such as cookies).
Article 6 Use of personal information for purposes other than specified and provision of it to a third party
  1. This website uses your personal information to the extent notified to you as shown in “Collection of personal information and its objectives” but does not use it to the extent beyond that described there nor provide it to any other people, companies or entities.
  2. However, for the better service, we may provide your personal information to our associates or share it with them. In case when we do that, we will inform you through either email or letter on what kinds of associates the information is provided to, what kind of information is provided, why that kind of information needs to be provided or shared with and till when and how it is protected and managed. If you do not agree on that, we do not provide it to the associates nor share it with them.
  3. In addition, we do not usually provide the user’s personal information to outside except the followings;
    1. The users agree on the use of their personal information in advance or
    2. There is a request from law enforcing authorities according to the laws or the procedure and method defined in the laws for the purpose of investigation.
Article 7 Review and correction of personal information
  1. The personal information registered for the questions on goods will be transferred to the person in charge but is not available for other than that.
  2. If you want to correct the wrong personal information of yours, we do not use the personal information unless it is corrected.
Article 8 Cancellation of consent for collecting, use and provision of personal information
  1. You may cancel the consent on the collection, use or provision of personal information at all times. If you inform the personal information manager of your cancellation of consent through email or others, we will take actions required such as delete of personal information.
  2. At this website, we will take actions in a way that the cancellation of consent on the collection of personal information is exercised in the same way or process as when it is collected.
Article 9 Retention of personal information and its period
  1. In principle, once the objectives of collecting and using the personal information are achieved, the appropriate personal information will be destroyed without delay. However, the personal information collected through questioning would be separately stored for 3 years as it is used for the foundational data on the questions to the company.
Article 10 Process and method of the destruction of personal information
Once the objectives of collecting and using the personal information are achieved, we destroy the appropriate personal information without delay. The process and method of destruction are as follows.
  1. Destruction process: Once the objectives are achieved, the information you entered for questions are transferred to separate database (or into a document case in case of paper). After stored for a certain period of time according to the internal policy and other relevant laws on the protection of information (See the retention period above), it is destroyed. The personal information which is transferred to separate database is not used for purposes other than those for retention.
  2. Destruction method: The personal information saved in the electronic form is destroyed it a technical way that the personal information cannot be reused.
Article 11 Protection of kid’s personal information
  1. This website asks for the legal guardian’s consent when it needs to collect the personal information of children whose age is less than 14 years.
  2. The legal guardian for children with age of less than 14 years may ask for the checkup, correction or cancellation of consent over the use of kid’s personal information. If there is such request, the website takes appropriate actions without delay.
Article 12 Technical actions for protection of personal information
In handling your personal information in this website, we take the following technical actions in order to keep your information from getting lost, stolen, leaked, modified or damaged.
  1. Your personal information is protected by password and. With the adoption of encryption or the use of file locking function (LOC), your critical information is kept protected through separate security function.
  2. This website uses the vaccine program in order to keep the information from damages arising from the computer virus. The vaccine programs are regularly updated and if any virus abruptly appears, we supply the vaccine immediately to protect the personal information.
  3. In order to protect your personal information from hacking or others, we use the device which blocks the infringement from outside.
Article 13 Processing of personal information
We may ask other service companies to manage your personal information to improve the service quality.
  1. If we use outside supplier, we would inform you of that in advance.
  2. When we ask outside supplier to manage your personal information, we will clearly define the personal information protection rules on such matters as confidentiality of personal information, non-provision of personal information to a third party, and responsibilities for any acts on a service agreement with the supplier and keep the agreement in writing or electronically.
Article 14 Opinion and complaints
  1. We have opened a window through which you can express your complaints on the protection of personal information. If you have any complaints on the personal information, you may give your opinion to the following personnel in charge of the personal information. Then, we will take prompt actions and inform you of the results.
    1. Senior manager in charge of personal information protection : Han Sang-Rok, executive director, KMAC CCO
    2. E-mail:
    3. Manager in charge of personal information protection : Jung Jae-Wook, chief of KMAC Knowledge Innovation Center
    4. E-mail:
    5. Assistant manager in charge of personal information protection : Oh Yeong-Taek, manager of KMAC Knowledge Innovation Center
    6. E-mail:
  2. In addition, if you need to report and require any consultation on the infringement of personal information, you may report it to the following organizations.
    1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee. ( / 1336)
    2. Information protection mark certification committee ( / 02-580-0533~4)
    3. Online crime investigation center, Prosecution Service ( / 02-3480-3600)
    4. Cyber terror response center, Korean National Police Agency ( / 02-392-0330)

Additional provision (Effective date) The terms and conditions take effective on Apr. 14, 2023.