Our Services

KMAC is committed to providing diagnostic assessment-based
high-quality solutions so that our clients can stand tall as leading admired
companies in their respective industries.

Diagnosis &

KMAC operates various diagnostic evaluation systems to improve the competitiveness of countries and companies.

The purpose of KMAC's diagnostic evaluation is to evaluate the result quality from the perspective of stakeholders, diagnose the optimized management system and process, identify issues accordingly, and provide comprehensive solutions.
Starting with KCSI in 1992, K-BPI, KMAC, KSQI, KNPS, KBRI, and KCPI have been announcing certification systems that reflect the issues of each era. In addition, through the Korea Management Awards, we are contributing to enhancing corporate competitiveness and realizing respected companies.

Our Services include

  • KCSI

    Korean Customer Satisfaction Index

    Korea’s representative customer satisfaction evaluation system, recognized for its longest history and public confidence

  • K-BPI

    Korean Brand Power Index

    Corporate strategic brand innovation, brand evaluation system most trusted by consumers

  • KMAC

    Korea's most respected company

    The only survey system in Korea that comprehensively evaluates the value areas of the entire company

  • KSQI-Call center

    Korean Service Quality Index

    A barometer of improvement in the competitiveness of non-face-to-face channel service quality in the Korean industry

  • KSQI-Customer contact points

    Korean Service Quality Index

    Identification of the current level of service quality experienced by customers at customer contact points

  • KNPS

    Korean Net Promoter Score

    Korean Customer Recommendation Index Model that predicts future growth potential

  • KBRI

    Korea Brand Recommendation index

    Brand evaluation from the perspective of Korea's first recommendation to check the level of consumer recommendation for the brand

  • KCPI

    Korean Consumer Protection Index

    Industry-wide consumer protection A company to spread management Diagnosis of consumer protection level

  • The Management
    Grand Awards

    Improving corporate competitiveness and presenting conditions for respected companies