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KMAC Signed business agreement with Foreign Trade University of Vietnam


KMAC announced that it had signed an MOU with the Foreign Trade University of 

Vietnam in Hanoi on February 21st to promote a Korean-style CEO training and 

coaching programs for executives of Vietnamese companies

Through this agreement, the two sides plan to jointly develop and operate training 

programs tailored to Vietnamese companies based on management cases of Korean 

companies, and through this, Korean management models and expertise will be 

passed on to Vietnamese companies to strengthen management capabilities for 

executives of Vietnamese companies decided to give it a chance.

In addition, based on this agreement, various cooperative activities for mutual 

development, such as knowledge exchange, talent exchange, and business 

cooperation, will be carried out between the companies of the two countries. 

In this regard, CEO Han Soo-hee and President Bui Anh Tuan signed the agreement 

on behalf of each other.

Han Soo-hee, CEO of KMAC, said, "Through this business agreement, we will develop

and operate successful training programs for executives of Vietnamese companies, 

and promote cooperation for mutual development between the two institutions."

​Bui Anh Tuan, President of Foreign Trade University of Vietnam, said, "I think this business

agreement is a meaningful starting point for cooperation between the two institutions, 

and I look forward to more cooperation activities in the future."